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Do we really need an explanation on Mortal Kombat? It’s everything that mature games have come from. The ESRB would never exist if it wasn’t for the gratuitous combat and obscene blood. Politicians called out on the game for “making kids violent” even though it never did. With its unique combat style and grotesque violence, Mortal Kombat changed video games forever. With over 11 major releases and a few spin-offs, Mortal Kombat still remains as one of the reigning fighting games of this generation. Now, get to play Mortal Kombat games online for free on PC.


Mortal Kombat Like Never Before

You’ve seen a lot of 1v1s, some 2v2s, now get ready for 3v3s. Mortal Kombat mobile is unlike any game in the series. You play as a group of 3 against another group of 3. Whoever you choose depends on who you think has the best tandem.

On top of the tag team system, you get to customize each kombatant with different power-ups and armor sets that improve their chances of winning the match.  Every karakter is sorted via tiers in a gacha-style roster. For example, Scorpion includes Kold Winter, Klassic and MK11, each with their own tiers and base stats.

On top of that, super moves are accomplished through quick-time events. The better you succeed in the QTEs, the more damage you deliver.  It’s the only one in the Mortal Kombat games for free.


Travel Through MK9 to MK11

While the game still plays actively for 5 years, Mortal Kombat mobile edition continues the saga, stretching the game from the main series beginning in MK9 to the latest MK11. And yes, all characters from the 3 separate series are included. Ever wanted to see Stryker fight MK11 Kabal? You can only find it here!

But as for the story, Mortal Kombat mobile doesn’t have one. The mobile version only includes pure fighting gameplay and karakter kollekting.

Just as previously said, karakters are segregated through a tier system. But if you want to have 3 kinds of Jason Vorhees in one team, you can also do so. It’s really all about the right combination.

Modern fighters versus the klassics go head to head in a game where not even the major title counterparts can ever do so.


Upgrade Your Kombatants

Only a fool would let his chosen fighters battle without proper training. Use resources to invest in making your selected kombatants become stronger to face even the most challenging gold-tier fighters. To get the upgrades you need, you must keep on playing and grinding.

Alternatively, you can get more resources and fighters via the chests: lootboxes that uses a gacha system. But, take my advice: only use this if you have more than enough resources. Otherwise, just stick with the fighters you have. There are no actual metas here: just the struggle to make them strong.


Play Mortal Kombat Games for Free Online or Offline Kompetitively

Climb up the ladder in the klassic offline tournament where you face multiple enemies until you go against the boss. The boss can either be Shao Kahn or Shinnok. Facing them isn’t easy and that’s why you must upgrade and train your selected fighters.

And if you feel like you’re ready to take on the tough players, go ahead and play kompetitive multiplayer where only the best players can rise up in the tournaments. But heed my warning, Earthrealmer: other players are pure whales who have invested in lots of money to quickly upgrade their fighters.


Klassic Fatalities and X-Ray Moves

Of course, Mortal Kombat is nothing without the signature fatalities and X-Ray moves.

First shown in MK9, x-ray moves are turning-point combos that can get you out of a tight situation, dealing massive damage and inhumane injuries to your foe. You will activate x-ray moves once your meter is high enough.

And then, there’s everyone’s favorite: Fatalities. Once you hear “FINISH HIM” or “FINISH HER”, you know what to do. And with just the press of a button, watch as your fighter unmercifully butchers your enemies in cold-blooded fashion. Beheadings, bludgeons, gunshots, acids, implosions, gut-wrenching, spine-removing, skull-bashing, they’re all here. And that’s why non-gamers are afraid of this game; not for the faint-hearted.  You can earn more fatalities via unlocks.


Limited-Time Events and Constant Updates

Netherrealm Studios know that lots of people play the mobile version. That’s why we want you to have it on the PC: exclusive events such as the Bo Rai Cho challenge, Test Your Luck with Rain and new fighters are always added every year. Don’t expect this game to die out soon. Get the Mortal Kombat free download here.  If you want more action-packed games, check out Honkai Impact 3 or Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre.


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Game Features

  • Characters from MK9, MKX and MK11 are included
  • Unique 3v3 combat system
  • Upgradable characters
  • Syncs perfectly with MKX and MK11 via the WB account
  • Gory clashes and fatalities perfekted.

Download and Play Mortal Kombat on PC, MAC FREE now!

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Play and Download Mortal Kombat on PC, MAC FREE now!